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Jewelry Cleaning and Care


Caring and Cleaning Your Precious Jewelry!

There’s nothing like owning a unique piece of statement jewelry. Whether you’re preparing for a power luncheon, or getting ready for a night out on the town with friends, the right ornament can inspire the confidence and swag to make you stand out in every room.

It doesn’t matter if you prefer brand new necklaces, pre-loved jewelry, or different accessory combinations, dazzling pieces of statement jewelry are meant to be flaunted for the entire world to see.

Unfortunately, the more jewelry is worn the more care is required to keep your items looking immaculate.

Sweat, body lotions, and perfumes will cause gems and precious metals to lose their luster over time, causing the gold on your earrings to dull after wearing them throughout a hot summer.

Cherished pieces like wedding bands and engagement rings can encounter additional harmful elements after being left on during an occasional shower or dishwashing that will diminish their precious gleam.

Your jewelry deserves a professional strength cleaning product that you can apply in the comfort of your own home.

TheJStoreOnline takes pride in providing fellow jewelry aficionados with the best jewelry cleaning and car care products on the market. Using state-of-the-art products from trustworthy brands is the best way to keep your pieces looking like new by means of non-toxic components that are gentle on your skin.

Below you will find some of the most popular jewelry cleaners available on TheJStore Online for a variety of precious metals and gemstones.

All Jewelry Cleaning and Care

Connoisseurs All Jewelry Cleaning Care Kit

Jewelry aficionados tend to compile an assortment of pieces. A collection including gold, silver, platinum, and a selection of gemstones guarantees the right jewelry accessory for any occasion.

Connoisseur Jewelry Care is a trusted name with multiple liquid cleaners specified for different precious metals and gems.

Connoisseurs Precious Jewelry Cleaner is designed to clean a variety of pieces. Designed to remove dirt and grime from gold, platinum, and diamonds, this jewelry bath is a great way to keep a variety of items looking brilliant.

Connoisseurs Jewelry Cleaner for Sterling Silver is specially formulated to remove tarnish and bring out the luster of a variety of sterling silver pieces. The precious metal’s durability and light weight make it ideal for daily wear, but the added materials makes these pieces more vulnerable to tarnish than pure silver. The added cleaning cloth included with this cleaning fluid helps remove dirt and prevent additional build up.

Connoisseurs Delicate Jewelry Cleaner offers jewelry aficionados the perfect way to clean semi-precious stones, including turquoise, pearls, and onyx. A gentle bath in this powerful cleaning solution will revitalize delicate and costume jewelry, leaving them radiant for all eyes to see.

TheJStoreOnline offers these superior cleaning solutions separately, or in an all-in-one kit to cover all of your jewelry cleaning needs.

Polishing Cloths & Wipes

Jewelry care 1

When you don’t have time to give your brand new and pre-loved jewelry a bath, Connoisseurs Jewelry Wipes will give your pieces the luster you desire. Disposable and easy to use, these wipes are infused with an anti-tarnish shield that will make your jewelry shine while protecting it from dirt and damage.

Sunshine Polishing Cloth

Sunshine Polishing Cloths come in an array of sizes and colors to meet a variety of cleaning needs. Use the original yellow cloths to effectively clean and polish, or utilize the softer blue cloth for a gentler and lasting clean for delicate pieces. The special pink cloth sports two abrasive sides that will leave gold, silver, brass and other metals with a professional looking satin finish.

These ready to use wipes are housed in easy to open packaging, so store them in your car, work desk, or any place you to choose to ensure you’re ready to polish your jewelry at a moment’s notice.

Diamonds and Gemstones

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A diamond is not just a girl’s best friend; many men appreciate the rare gemstones whether they occur naturally or grown as a synthetic diamond.

The priceless diamonds adorning various rings, bracelets, and necklaces require intricate care to make them shine while keeping the stones firmly entrenched in their setting.

Connoisseur’s Diamond Dazzle Stik is equipped with a specialized cleansing solution dispensed from an exclusive brush, presenting a combination designed to gently clean around the housing of precious stones.

Engineered with enhancing agents that seals tiny scrapes in the setting, you’ll feel confident that your Diamond Dazzle Stik will support the longevity of your ornamented jewelry while keeping your diamonds shining like brand new. 

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