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Free Shipping on all u.s orders📦

Free Shipping On all US Orders!


Here’s How J-Cash Cash Works!

It’s easy! Shop the JStore Online and earn 1.5% Cash Back on any amount over $25.00. You can earn it on anything online.
You’ll receive J-Cash as a credit when you shop online If you have a JStore shopping account, your J- Cash is automatically stored in your Wallet.
Spend it on anything in our store—there are NO exclusions!
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J-Cash Frequently asked questions?

Its simple, earn 1.5% Cash Back in J-Cash whenever you spend $25.00 dollars or more at The JStore Online. You can also earn $5.00 dollars in J-Cash by creating an account. Its that simple!

Please Note: *J- Cash is not legal tender and can only be used at The JStore Online. You must sign up for an account to get cash back!

Just check your wallet, its that easy!

Of course, use your J-Cash on any item in our store.

We made that easy too! You will have the option to pay in part or full during the checkout process. 

First, please be sure to read our Standard Refund & Return Policy. If you have a qualifying return, your J-Cash will be returned as well.   

Great question! You can use it to make purchases on The JStore Online. You have the option to add additional funds from your financial institutions or your PayPal  or Amazon accounts. You also have the option of transferring funds to another user anytime you would like.  

Nope, your J-cash stays in your wallet as long as you have an account with us. However, there is a maximum of $500.00 dollars you can earn with your 1.5% cash back!

If you still have questions on how J-Cash works please reach out to us. We are always here to help:)

Thank You