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About Us!

The JStore Online was founded in 2019, with one simple mission in mind: To Help Build A Better Retail Experience For All.

Introduction: More than just a retail store!

TheJStoreOnline was founded due to our love for jewelry, watches and bold statement pieces. In early 2019, we started with a simple online marketplace store but, quickly seen how crowded these platforms had become for everyday shoppers looking for amazing new and preloved jewelry at affordable prices. We decided to design our own online jewelry store combining affordable prices with amazing jewelry pieces. We think by offering both new and preloved jewelry at extraordinary prices it creates a win/win for us and our customers.

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About Us

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Our Values

The things we know are important to us and you!


Life is complicated enough right? Here at the JStore we want your experience to be simple. Find an item you love at a great price, pay for it and we ship it to your doorstep. If there is ever an issue contact us and we will work together to get it resolved. Simplicity at its finest!

Commitment to Customers

We want to exceed your expectations in every way. We pride ourselves by offering world class customer support and forging deep relationships you! If you ever need to reach out to us, we are only a few clicks away!


Our goal is to sell the highest quality products at the most affordable prices. He one of our preloved jewelry pieces is hand selected, cleaned and polished. Our jewelry cleaning supplies come straight from the manufacture to our secured location and then straight to you. If you ever have an issue with quality from any of our produts do not hesitate to reach out to us, we will do our best to make it right!

Thank You