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Our Online Jewelry Store Combines Affordable Prices With Amazing Jewelry And So Much More!

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We Love Preloved !


Price! This is easily one of the best benefits of buying preloved jewelry from our online jewelry store, right? Can you find us someone who doesn't like to save money? No, neither could we.💰


Have you ever thought about what goes in to making a fine piece of jewelry?💍 Mining, grinding, crafting, smelting, etc. All these activities require natural resources. By buying our preloved jewelry you are helping to create a more sustainable planet. 🌍

Preloved Jewelry

A Great Story

Was it owned by a King, Queen, Prince or Socialite? Is it from the Georgian Era, the Victorian Era, or maybe Art Deco? Every piece of our preloved jewelry has its own unique history and story! 💖

Amazing selection

You like choice's right? Well we do too! How often do you get to match 20th century earrings with a 19th century diamond and ruby ring? Your style, your way, across time. Pretty cool right? 🦄

Online Jewelry Store

Our beautiful jewelry is handmade in our cozy studio in Kansas City, Mo. Shop our online jewelry store to discover trendy and unique necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings!


Shop our online jewelry store for the latest in jewelry tools.

Make Something Great!⛏

And you thought we just sold jewelry and jewelry cleaner didn't you! We also sell reamers, hammers, metal polish, looms, watch repair kits and a lot more. See for yourself👀
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